Season sale

NUANCE does not offer in its adverts hundreds or thousands of wedding dresses, because it is ridiculous. Every model year our customers require brand new collections and the older ones are for season sale. The world wedding leader we represent, Pronovias from Barcelona, issues for understandable reasons in every model year new models in tens and not in hundreds of dresses. „Mass dresses“ belong to off-the-peg clothes and not to luxurious wedding dresses.
Wedding dresses of our authorised represented brands are a priori not determined for renting. Even though, thanks to the quality of procedure, materials and our maintenance know-how, they can bear it. The best pieces of previous collection can be after their use transfered to season sale and are ready to provide their owners the required service. Still high quality wear for low price. Next cathegory of the sale are brand new models of wedding dresses of the previous collection Pronovias, Rosa Clará or Pepe Botell from the warehouse NUANCE.

Atelier Pronovias
Rosa Clará

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