Wedding dresses for rent Prague

At the moment we also do rent wedding dresses by Atelier Pronovias, Pronovias, Rosa Clará and Pepe Botella. For this purpose in the wedding house in Národní třída in Prague and in the wedding house in Pilsen there is an appropriate number of wedding dresses for trying available by represented important Spanish producers. They are from brand collections of wedding dresses which dazzle brides in main capitals of the world.
Trained staff of NUANCE will serve you with a small refreshment and will let you choose in advance from catalogues, which sets the direction of your trying. This phase is important. It is necessary that you relax and look around. Our wedding salons have most of its sortiment intentionally hidden away from the eyes of the brides, so that you can enjoy your wedding dress later perfectly and with its all details.

Atelier Pronovias
Rosa Clará

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