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NUANCE Wedding House
Národní 23, 110 00 Praha 1

phone: +420 737 438 084

MO-FR 10:00 - 19:00
SA 10:00 - 18:00

NUANCE is the house next to the palace Metro on the left, across the street opposite the memorial of Velvet Revolution. You can park along the street Národní třída and use the parking meter or you can use the underground parking house of the National theatre.

The wedding house NUANCE was founded in Prague in Národní třída in 2009. At that time a mania of sales ruled the Prague rental houses, which belittled the Czech wedding market. The trend was to underbid with low prices of cheap goods and to lure to immediate payment of deposit in change for a bottle of Champagne. The only representative of Pronovias then was taken away the licence. NUANCE was then recognized by the boss of Pronovias for east Europe as the suitable one for the development of the brand not only in Prague. Unique concept of the wedding house in the heart of the Czech Republic served well this purpose.


NUANCE Wedding House
nám. Republiky 2, 301 00 Pilsen

phone: +420 605 700 517

It is necessary to arrange a visit by phone +420 605 700 517.

NUANCE is a house next to the city hall (former Vodafone) on Republic Squre - main square in Pilsen. It is possible to park around the square on parking machines, weddings in the parking lot in front of the NUANCE with a permit, and in most of the streets running out of the square. In the navigation, enter "NUANCE" and select Pilsen (or: "NUANCE wedding house, náměstí Republiky 2, Pilsen").

The NUANCE wedding house was opened in Pilsen in January 2022, in response to the current absence of representation of the Barcelona phenomenal wedding company Pronovias in the entire Pilsen region. It is logical that NUANCE received the license due to the long-term dealer connection with Pronovias in Prague. The fact that the NUANCE wedding house will have the highest category of pronoviases, ie the special editions of Marchesa for Pronovias and Haute Couture Atelier Pronovias, all of course in the model year 2022, is a very joyful fact for Pilsen ladies. Have them for the wedding first, call for a date.


NOVIAS wedding house
Široká 31, 370 01 Ceske Budejovice

phone: +420 737 014 374

It is necessary to arrange a visit by phone +420 737 014 374.

NOVIAS wedding house is in the middle of Biskupská street, which leads from the town hall of Budweis to the bridge. It is a corner house crossing Široká and Biskupská streets. You can park on a parking meter on the Zátkovo nábřeží (150 m) or directly on Přemysl Otakar II Square (100 m).

The NOVIAS wedding house (27 years old under the name NUANCE) was established in České Budějovice in 1995, one hundred meters from the famous Budweis town hall. As the first truly branded wedding salon in the whole of southern Bohemia, it is an island of high wedding tailoring and luxury brands sought after by foreign couples. Thanks to NOVIAS atelier (27 years under the name NUANCE) in Biskupská Street, South Bohemians do not have to commute anywhere for premium wedding, formal and men's dresses, they have the best at home. NOVIAS atelier (27 years under the name NUANCE) has been enlarged several times during its operation in České Budějovice and is now located on the entire ground floor of an Art Nouveau house.


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