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Terms and conditions

Dear Friends,
Beginning August 2005 we are implementing fees for trying on of dresses. This step is not against you but for you. It is necessary to protect your loving ang luxury models against useless depreciation and trying on the most demanded dresses in the world and enjoying a promenade in them without serious intentions of buying any. We believe you will welcome such measurements warmly. It is really necessary in the times of plagiarism and insolence.

  1. It is necessary to make a telephone order (not by e-mail) to book your term to try on the dresses.
  2. Standard period for the selection is 60-100 minutes. If you need longer time, you are obliged to announce it with your booking.
  3. The time you ordered can be shifted because of operational reasons.
  4. We charge 400 CZK for trying of a dress. It is a fee for cleaning of the dress.
  5. The bride does not pay this fee on the day of binding reservation of the dress.
  6. The fee of 400 CZK is valid for other possible visits, apart from the tailor´s trial before the wedding. Models get dirty through trials and depreciate its value and our aim is to protect them against excessive usage.
  7. Choose the accessoires to your dress straight away, you protect your dress by that. To select the accessoires later, we bring you the dress for simple viewing. It is necessary to find out the information about recommended height of the heel together with that.
  8. To make a binding reservation of a wedding dress you pay a non-refundable deposit of 8 000 CZK, with men´s suits and evening dresses the deposit is 2 000 CZK.
  9. If you change the term of your wedding, we will transfer the deposit to your new term. You can change the selected model for a different one within one month after signing the contract.
  10. You can exchange the model for another within a month of signing the contract.
  11. We rent a dress which is clean, ironed, possibly made-to-measure. When renting the model it is necessary to realize that you are renting new goods and not buying any.
  12. The dress is rented for an agreed price from Thursday/ Friday to Monday 12 o´clock. It is meant for you for one weekend.
  13. The dress is adjusted for your during the week of your wedding, not earlier. It is necessary to arrange a dress trial 14 days prior to your wedding.
  14. In case of blocking the dress for two weekend we calculate the price individually according to season, model and term.
  15. On the day of your dress trial remember to take your shoes and underwear with you. Tell us your individual wishes and specify anything else you need regarding the order.
  16. It is really necessary that the bride tries on the dress after the adjustments during her second tailors trial.
    You must announce possible deficiencies immediately. Later claims will not be taken into account. In case there is no need to adjust the dress, the second trial becomes the day of delivery. Otherwise we will adjust the dress immediately or according to mutual possibilities and agreement.
  17. The time of dress delivery can be changed from operational reasons.
  18. The price for rent includes common dirt, dust on the train, or make-up. We charge 1 500 CZK for excessive pollution for a brown or black dress from wet exterior.
  19. The price does not include damage of the model. The amount of possible cost is decided according to the extent by the salon. If the damage can be repaired, the customers pays the material separately and it is charged 400 CZK for one hour of tailor´s work separately.
  20. If the damage on the dress cannot be repaired, the customer pays its retail cost decreased by the amount paid for rental.
  21. We charge 700 CZK for loss of company sack.
  22. We charge 2 000 CZK / a day for late return of the dress.

The prices mentioned here include VAT.

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